HTML5 Canvas Charting
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Interactive Javascript charts for Web Apps and real-time data
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Javascript charting library plotting graphs to all compatible browsers in native Javascript format using the HTML5 Canvas element.

Free for non-commercial use

TeeChartJS is a charting library whose entire sourcecode can be found here. Unrestricted for non-commercial use.

Easily codeable

TeeChart's intuitive component structure makes for easy coding.

Interactivity and custom canvas

Render your own output to the chart in response to interactive mouse-click events and finger-touch activity on mobile devices.

Chart Themes

Themes offer a very easy means to try different looks and feel of the Javascript charts.

Interactive and animated HTML5 Javascript charts

Javascript charts types

Includes a variety of customisable chart types and gauges for your data visualisation needs. The chart appearance can be easily adjustable using chart themes and colour palette.
See the demos: ES5 format and ES6 format where you will find more live charts.

This browser does not seem to support HTML5 Canvas.

This browser does not seem to support HTML5 Canvas.

Interactive charts

The data visualisation library comes with interactive features including zooming and scrolling options for better readability and visibility, and supports interactive mouse-click events and finger-touch sensitivity on mobile devices.
See the demo where you will find more interactive javascript chart examples.

Realtime data chart

The charting component offers Open-High-Low-Close and Volume charts types enabling realtime financial application to run directly on the web page.
See realtime line chart example

Real-time data chart

New and improved features

(Current build: 2023., Other Version history)

Designed for use across multiple different browser types supporting the HTML5 Canvas. Currently supported browsers (earliest version number) are:
-Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0+ (from 6.0 to 8.0 using ExCanvas.js polyfill)
-Mozilla Firefox 3.6+
-Google Chrome 16.0+
-Apple Safari 5.0+
-Opera 11.6+, Opera-Mini 5.0+, Opera Mobile 10.0+
-Apple iOS Safari 3.2+
-Android WebKit 2.1+
-Edge 12+
TeeChart JS is a MIT licensed software, see Licensing page.
Steema offers a commercial license with support subscription for those developers that might welcome the value-add we can offer.
Set of Series types and variations including: Line, Point XY, Area, Bar, Horiz. Bar, Pie, Donut, Bubble, Candle (financial OHLC), Gantt, Circular Gauge, Activity Gauge, Spark, World Maps, Polar, Polar Bar, Radar, Color Grid, Surface 3D.
Added support to Embarcadero’s HTML5 Builder making it possible for HTML5Builder developers to extend the functionality of their charting applications to include all the TeeChart HTML5 Chart's Series types and tools.
TeeChart JS Live charts support zoom and scroll, a variety of interactive mouse-click events and finger-touch sensitivity on mobile devices.
Customizable colour palette, Transparency and Gradients, 2D, 3D Chart, Shadows, text fonts, etc.
TeeChart JS can be integrated into WordPress, Drupal, Node.js, Joomla, TypeScript, NuGet among others. These are not included in the installer but can be downloaded directly from the download page.
You can easily create and/or connect to an existing database or dataset in your project.
Set of Chart tools for additional charting functionality, like Annotations, Tooltips, Cursors, Dragging Points, Slider and Series Scroller.
JavaScript / HTML5 Charts may be converted to PNG or JPEG image
Includes online demos, tutorials and examples. Additional reference may be found at blog.

New License of 2023

One year support services subscription. Includes access to official TeeChart JS release and Steema support forums. Full Source Code License.


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To Version 2023 and one year subscription

Subscription Renewal for 2023

Subscriptions include all official version releases and forum support

One Year support and major version upgrade protection subscription renewal

One year support services subscription renewal. Includes access to official TeeChart JS release and Steema support forums.

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