TeeChart .NET for Avalonia

Steema is pleased to announce the availability of the TeeChart.NET for Avalonia pre-release beta version, integrated to support the AvaloniaUI multiplatform environment. Many thanks to the team members at Avalonia for all their work and input!
TeeChart for Avalonia

March 07, 2022

TeeGrid for .NET 5.0

Informing you that the teeGrid component is now Microsoft’s .NET 5.0 compatible.

May 20, 2021

TeeChart and .NET Core 3.1

Latest teeChart release adds support for .NET Core 3.1 on Windows, Linux and macOS, including ASP.NET Core.

April 09, 2020

TeeChart for .NET Standard Business Edition

Steema is pleased to announce the introduction of the TeeChart for NET Standard Business Edition.
Business Edition includes Chart and Gauges types, for desktop & web, suitable for most standard business applications and it's priced at only US$279!

November 21, 2017